Prowater-Ciopsa, founded on 1976, is a well known company in Spain in the areas of engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance of water facilities. We cover any phase of hydraulic works, from the raw water captation (groundwater wells, see water intakes, dams, rivers…) to its transport (pumping stations; pipe networks) and treatment (potabilisation, desalination…) sewerage, wastewater treatment plants and reclaimed water facilities.



Integrated water cycle
It includes the capture, purification and water treatment to distribution and collection for debugging. more info

Water infrastructure.
We were born with the pioneers of hydraulic projects in Spain, when modernisation and high tech was applied to large water projects. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. more info

Electromechanical and water technology.
Based on our know-how, on-the-job training and experienced human resources, Prowater-Ciopsa may offer any solution the water quality problems, at a large scale, no matter the project location. more info

Prowater-Ciopsa has human and material resources, and a wide and solid experience in the maintenance of hydraulic and electro installations, enabling fast response to possible contingencies. more info